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Henryk Jakubiak

Henryk Jakubiak

Co-Founder, Fixed

Hey! I'm Henryk, one of the co-founders of Fixed Construction. I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little bit about myself, our team, and why we started Fixed. As an ex-construction worker, I know how challenging it can be to find work in this industry. The job hunt can be time-consuming, and often it's about who you know rather than what you know. Our mission is to create a better way for skilled workers like you to find work and help construction companies source the right people for their projects.

At Fixed, we have ambitions to be a lot more than just a job board. We are building a digital hub where you can create a professional profile that highlights your skills, experience, and certifications, as well as offering access to upskilling opportunities. Over time, companies will verify your profile and the work you have done, effectively eliminating the need for a traditional CV or the need for you to rely on friends for job referrals. And the best part? Applying for a job will take just one click!

My journey in the construction industry started over 7 years ago, first as a labourer for various companies in demolition, loft conversions, and then as a joiner, before moving into Engineering, starting as an Assistant Engineer. I eventually worked my way up to becoming a Senior Engineer at AJ Morrisroe, one of the largest Reinforced Concrete subcontractors in the UK. Throughout my career, I've encountered hundreds of companies and thousands of operatives, and I've seen first-hand the struggles that construction workers and subcontractors face in finding work and securing and retaining diverse talent.

The industry today relies heavily on self-employed workers due to the fluctuating nature of the work and the need for specialised skills at different stages of a project. This has led to the majority of the construction workforce on site being self-employed – without the benefits, health insurance, or holiday days that come with a full-time job, let alone the job security. When work dries up, or part of the project ends where their skills are needed, they have to rely on their personal networks or call an agency to find new jobs. On the other side, companies face similar challenges in finding the right people for their projects, and this issue for companies is only increasing with shortages of skilled workers and an increasing number of agencies.

This is where Lucy, Des, and I saw an opportunity to create a solution for both workers and companies. We realised there was a huge opportunity to use technology to connect construction workers with jobs, saving time and money for everyone involved.

Lucy brings her experience in finance, VC, tech, and marketplaces to the table. With a background in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs and several years investing in B2B software and marketplaces at Octopus Ventures, she's the driving force behind Fixed's growth and development.

Des is the tech expert of our team. His experience in software engineering and technical sales at IBM, Looker, Google, and Firebolt has given him the skills to build our platform and ensure that it's safe, reliable, efficient, and user-friendly. Des is supported by superstar front-end developer Arnau, who brings years of experience both within start-ups and marketplaces.

Together, we are a mission-driven team with huge ambitions. We're excited to make a positive impact on the construction industry, both for you – the workers – and for the companies that need your skills.

Fixed isn’t just for those looking for a job today – it’s a platform for everyone working in the construction industry. Think of it as your professional insurance policy. With a verified Fixed profile, you'll have an up-to-date record of your skills and experience, making it easier for you to find new opportunities should you need to change jobs or simply want to stay up to date with other options in the construction industry.

We know that finding work and the right people for the job can be tough, but we believe that Fixed can make a real difference. I hope you'll join me on this journey to transform the construction industry – click on the link to start building your profile today.


Wishing you success

Henryk and the Fixed Construction Team

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